6 Must-Know Free Hacks on Windows 11

Windows is By far the most widely used Desktop Operating System. Even though Many people like Linux/macOS etc, windows provide the most rounded package. if you want to use it the most efficiently, then here are 6 hacks on windows 11, to boost your productivity. Windows can be used for development, video editing, and most importantly Gaming. So without much introduction, let us jump into the list.

Windows Hacks and Tips
Windows Tips and Tricks

Best Hacks on windows 11

1. Screenshot and Screen Recording

Taking a Screenshot is no big deal on your mobile phone, but what about your PC? there are a couple of ways to take screenshots on your windows machine. Most of us don’t know about these techniques and hence spent much longer time trying to do such a basic thing.

a) price Button: We can take a screenshot of your entire display by pressing PrtSc, a key present at the top row on your keyboard. This image can be copied into any of your software.

What if you need to share a region on your screen? certainly, taking a full screenshot and editing it in photos is not the best way to do that. windows has a built-in app called snip and sketch with which we can capture parts of the screen. but there is a shortcut to do that faster.

Windows+Shift+S: Once you press these buttons together your screen will dim and you could choose the region to copy using your mouse cursor, or you can choose your screen as a whole

2. Go To Desktop in a single click

Sometimes we need to go to our desktop, but if we have multiple tabs open minimizing them separately might be annoying. However, you can go to your homepage with a single click, at the bottom right corner of your taskbar.

3. Change the Colour and Size of the Mouse Cursor

Who doesn’t like little customization, especially when there is a sea of devices that looks the same? thankfully windows 11 spots some good customisation. one of them is to change the colour and size of your mouse cursor.

Go to settings>search for ”mouse pointer style” and there you could find different colours and can change the size

accesibility in windows
6 Must-Know Free Hacks on Windows 11 6

4. Add Multiple Desktops

with multiple tabs open in the background, it may become hard to organise. thankfully, with windows, you can create multiple desktops that can be used to house your windows in an organised manner You can rename the desktop and fix it for separate jobs

multiple desktops
6 Must-Know Free Hacks on Windows 11 7

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5. Change Base Colour and Theme

Isn’t it cool to Change the base colour of your laptop according to your liking? Though most of us change wallpaper, we can actually change the theme colour also. Just go to settings>personalisation>colours to select the colour you like the most

change theme
6 Must-Know Free Hacks on Windows 11 8

6. Changing Sleep and Closing Lid Option

At least for me, there have been times when I first started using my laptop, when I just wanted for some process to happen in the background, But with the display being closed. That might be Playing songs or continuing the installation of a large game. a simple trick to do the same is to change the power options from the control panel. here we can separately choose the time before the PC goes to sleep, and what happens when we touch the power button and close the lid.

power options
6 Must-Know Free Hacks on Windows 11 9

Hope you enjoyed this. if you want or know more tricks to make our life on windows easier, Comment Below, check out our other Posts.

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