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What do we do?

Explaining Tech in a Simple Way

There are a lot of innovations in the tech industry every day. As passionate tech enthusiasts who believe everyone has a need to know, we explain it as simply as we can. We try to explain tech in a way that people can understand.

Review Products

Even Though Not Always with a Physical device, We try to cover all the relevant points, in the most accurate way from Multiple Sources so that our reviews are as accurate as they would Go.

Suggest products that suit you

We are passionate about electronics and keep tabs on the innovations and improvements happening in this industry every day, we help you choose the perfect device for you so that you can get the best out of your money.

Learn And Get Better

We are lifelong Learners. We will continue to acquire Knowledge and share them with you, as long as your health, Money And time Permit us. let’s get better together.


Hi , I am sreejith KS , student of Govt Eng. college Trissur. I am tech savvy from a very young age and am interested in all kinds of tech including , but not limited to mobiles , computers and PCs , gadgets etc. For me , Asas tech acts as a channel through which I can do what I like most, talking tech .

-Sreejith KS
About Us 5

We love tech and would love to share it with anyone and everyone who is interested in the same. We try to give unbiased, honest reviews and suggestions so that you could know better and chose wiser.

Anjitha J
About Us 6

Hi , I am Anjitha J, student of Govt Eng. college Trissur. The tech industry and the fast paced innovation in this field always caught my attention from the start itself, I am more interested in Mobile phones and laptops. For me , Asas tech provides me a space to talk about the devices I am most exited about.

-Anjitha J

Let’s Connect

chat with us on WhatsApp, telegram or email anytime, for anything. From selecting a device in your budget to troubleshooting issues, we’d like to help. If you want to follow us, and get regular updates, follow us on Quora, telegram and youtube

How We Earn Money

Everyone needs Money, Even Running this small Website, comes with its Costs. in order to make it Sustainable in the Long Term, We Use two-income Sources.

We Have added Non-Intrusive Google ads. Our Ads are minimal and never Block Your way. we use google ads as they are the best and strictest when it comes to how ads are displayed so that only good ads show.

We also Have Affiliate product links, especially Amazon, which provide us with a commission every time you make a purchase, with ZERO Burden on you.

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