The best offers on electronics, Great Freedom Sale 2022

best offers on electronics
The best offers on electronics, Great Freedom Sale 2022 20

Are you planning to buy your dream Gadget, A laptop/ Mobile Phone, earphones / Smartwatches or any other Electronic item? Do you want to know the best offers on ELectronics available in this Great freedom sale 2022? Do you need a single page with a list of all the best offers, from which you can choose the items that suit your taste? then you have arrived at the correct place, read more and find out.

If you need any assistance regarding the purchase of any item, such as choosing the type/ product that suits your needs or wants to know what you should check before buying these items? Then do contact us on WhatsApp, and we will help you with suggestions, and opinions and help you clear your doubts, Free of cost

If you are searching for a specific item, use the table of content to go directly to your destination.

best offers on electronics

Best Smart Phone Deals

Smartphones have become the most used and needed electronic accessory of all time. A single smartphone replaces a number of other products, like a camera, a music player, a notepad, a messenger, a gaming device etc. If there is one thing tech savvy and normal users need alike, it will have to be a smartphone. but with great demand comes great variety. should you buy a high-end iPhone/ s series phone or go with a budget phone, which processor to choose? read more to find out.

Smart Phone Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a phone right now, things are very easy. If you are going to buy an iPhone, go for the largest phone. Almost every phone provides similar features, so you won’t miss out on anything with a 50K phone from a 150K phone, except for some better cameras and sizes maybe. Just make sure you don’t buy iPhone SE, regardless of the generation, and the 12 minis.

If you are an android user, you get a lot more variety, but also is difficult to choose from. If you are spending above 70K, go with either the s22+ or the s22 ultra. and don’t get a Samsung that is not the S series if you are a heavy user. in the flagship killer space, mi and iQOO along with the realme GT series are good options, and Redmi, Motorola and really making compelling devices under 25k, and Infinix making stunning phones under 10K.

1. Processor

The processor is the heart of the Smartphone. It helps make the phone a Smartphone. from processing an image to playing games and listening to music, Processor can make a large difference. because, unlike their laptop/PC counterparts, Mobile phones have what is called a SOC, or system on a chip, that includes everything from the actual CPU, GPU, ISP etc to even the modem, wifi and Bluetooth modules.

Get anything below snapdragon 732G( including the faster 695G) if you are a heavy user, and get the snapdragon 778G/ dimensity 1000. under the 20K mark, get either the 695G or the immensity 820/900.

2. Display

As far as displays are concerned, get an AMOLED display with 90-120 refresh rate, and 1000+ nits of peak brightness, if your budget allows that. go for an LCD panel if and only if you get much better specifications/ camera systems on the same range.

3. Camera

Any camera on a phone costing more than 50K will not disappoint you. watch reviews of the mobile phone you are going to buy, and don’t judge by the specs alone, or you will get a smartphone that is much lower in terms of camera quality than your expectations. If you are buying an MI/Redmi/Poco device, then make sure to install GCAM to fully utilize the amazing hardware.

4. RAM and ROM

contradictory to popular belief, more RAM doesn’t make the phone really faster, so there I no use in getting an 8GB RAM phone under 30K. but less RAM does make your phone slower, so always get a mobile phone with at least 4GB of ram, for under 15k, and 6GB above that. same as RAM, ROM should also be able to fill your needs. never get a phone with less than 64GB, as 32GB phones don’t provide more than 10GB of usable space.

5. Battery & charging

Even budget phones come with a fast charger and a long-lasting battery, so unless you are a very heavy user, almost all phones, and every phone in this list will last a day with medium-heavy usage. Chargers are starting to disappear from budget mobile phones. That is something you might want to look out for when you buy a smartphone.

6. Build quality

The glass body, IP rating, and metal body, all make the phone more reliable and premium feeling to use. If you need to feel the Phone and its premiums, get a phone with at least corning gorilla glass 5, and you will have ease of mind knowing that your phone will not break easily, and can survive one or more falls.

  • Infinix Note 12

    Asas Tech
    • Helio G88 Processor
    • 6.7 Inch FHD AMOLED Display
    • 4GB, 64 GB
    • 5000 mAH
    • 33W charging with the charger
    • 50MP/16MP cameras
    • Android 11
  • Poco m4 Pro

    Asas Tech
    • Helio G96 Processor
    • 6.7 Inch 90Hz FHD AMOLED Display
    • 6GB, 64GB
    • 64MP/16MP cameras
    • 5000 mAH
    • 33W fast charging
    • Android 12 MIUI 13
  • iQOO Z6 44W

    Asas Tech
    • snapdragon 778G
    • 120Hz FHD Display
    • 5000mAh battery
    • 44W fast charging
    • 8GB, 128GB
    • 64MP/16MP cameras
    • Android 12
  • Redmi note 11 pro +

    Asas Tech
    • snapdragon 695
    • 6.67 inch 120Hz SuperAMOLED Display
    • 6GB, 128GB
    • 5000 mAh battery
    • 67W charging
    • 108MP,16MP cameras
    • IR blaster
    • Android 12, MIUI 13
  • Galaxy M52

    Asas Tech
    • Snapdragon 778G
    • 6.67-inch FHD 120Hz Amoled Display
    • 6GB, 128GB
    • 5000 mAh battery25W fast charging support
    • 64MP, 16MP cameras
    • Android 12, one UI 4.1
  • IQOO Neo 6

    Asas Tech
    • snapdragon 870
    • 6.7 inch 120 z superamoled display
    • 8GB, 128GB
    • 64MP OIS, 16MP cameras
    • 5000mAh battery
    • 80W charging
    • Android 12

Best SmartWatch Deals

Who doesn’t like the idea of customizable watch faces, that you can change every day to match your preferences, 24*7 activity and heart rate tracking and sometimes even the ability to take phone calls directly from the watch? Smartwatches are one of the fastest-growing segments in the wearables industry. If you want to enter the party before it’s too late, then there is no better time than now, as we have amazing watches for as low as RS 1300. But before you jump in and buy, what are the things that you should consider while buying a smartwatch?

Smartwatch buying guide

1. Display

The part of the watch that you are going to interact with is obviously the most important part of the watch as far as we are concerned. Smartwatches come with a variety of displays, from small 1.3-inch TFTs to absolutely gorgeous 1.79-inch AMOLED Panels. But as far as choosing a display is concerned, it is pretty simple, get the Amoled Watches, if your display allows it, and Size and Shape ( Rounded or Square) is purely your decision.

2. Fitness Tracking

Do you want your current heart rate, or how many calories you burned in your last workout? Fitness bands have evolved a lot, and even budget watches give reasonably accurate readings for basic metrics, such as heart rate, sleep monitoring etc. as far as choosing a watch is concerned, realme, Amazon has the most precise measurements, while boat comes after them. while none of them is as accurate as the galaxy watch s4, they are more than enough, considering you only need to pay 1/4th of the cost of the cheapest swatch.

3. Watch faces, UI and customization

Most of the watches, even the basic ones, Provide upwards of 50 watch faces, with companies like boat and realme providing more than 200 watch faces. so the availability of different watch faces is not something you should worry about. All of these companies provide apps in both android and sometimes IOS stores, with which you can choose and personalize your watch face

What you should worry about are the UI and animations. The watches would have to cut the cost somewhere, and companies most often cut on the Procesor, and UI, which does not appear on the Specs List. Not that they are laggy and ugly, but you may be left wishing you had a little more smoothness when scrolling through the UI. Samsung and Apple are the gold standards, and realme is the king when we talk under 5k watches.

4. Build quality

It’s 2022, and smartwatches have been on the scene for over 5 years. this has given time for the Main companies to provide good build quality, but not all of them have provided what we would expect. as we are mainly talking about the budget smartwatches, you should only go for watches with IP 68 /67 water resistance and metal body, if you are paying more than 2K. also keep an eye out for the bezel size, as the images can be deceiving. go check a preview image to know the actual bezel size of the watch.

Best Smartwatch Deals

  • Noise ColorFit Pulse

    Asas Tech
    • 1.4-inch Display
    • 10-Day Battery Life
    • 60+ watch faces
    • 8 sports modes
    • IP 68 certified
  • boAt Xtend

    Asas Tech
    • 1.69” HD Display
    • 7-day battery Life
    • 14 sports modes
    • 50 watch faces
    • IP68 certified
  • Noise Evolve 2

    Asas Tech
    • 1.3 inch Round Amoled Display
    • 7-Day battery Life
    • Fast charging
    • 50+ sports modes
    • 40+ watch faces
    • IP 67 certified
  • DIZO Watch Pro

    Asas Tech
    • 1.75 Inch Display
    • 14-Day Battery Life
    • 100+ watch Faces
    • Dual Satelite GPS
    • IP68 Certified
    • 90+ sports modes
  • realme Smart Watch 2 Pro

    • 1.75 Inch HD Display
    • IP68 resistance
    • 14-day battery
    • dual satellite GPS
    • 90+ sports modes
    • 150+watch faces
  • Amazfit GTS2 Mini

    Asas Tech
    • 1.55 AMOLED Display with AOD
    • Built-in Amazon Alexa
    • 14-day battery Life
    • IP68 certified
    • 68 sports modes
    • 80+ watch faces

Best Laptop Deals

Laptops have become an essential part of any productive individual, they provide more real estate, a real keyboard and plenty of professional Software for a creative or professional user, including Office tools to video editing and animation software. these varieties make Laptops useful for anyone from students who just want to take notes to content creators and scientists. their portability also makes them favourable over desktop counterparts. but these varieties also result in a large number of models in a wide price range. How to choose one, you ask? Here is an in-depth guide on hardware, or go with the simple version below.

Laptop buying guide

1. Processor

The processor or CPU is the brain of the computer. as a general rule of thumb, the faster the processor, the faster the laptop becomes. they come in great variety, from ARM-powered Apple m1 to 24-threaded Intel processors. What processor you go with may decide how and how not you can use your laptop. For beginners, it may not be practical to know a lot about the different processors and graphics cards, so we will add what a laptop is capable of, with every laptop.

2. Graphics card

If you are a gamer, Content creator using CAD software, then a dedicated graphics card might be more important than a processor for you sometimes. The more powerful the graphics card, the better you can do all of this stuff. Choosing between them is easy, if you are buying a thin and light laptop, then you only get integrated graphics, then go for iris XE, vega 8 GPU ( ryzen 6000 APUs have much better internal GPU, and are beginning to be available in the Indian market.)

In the case of the graphics cards, get the GTX 1650 if and only if your budget won’t exceed 50K by any means. for laptops below 90k, go with RTX 3050 and RTX 3060 for anything above. be sure to check the TGP of the GPU, as a 35W 3050 is slower than a 50W 1650, and won’t keep its price in performance unless you are going for a thin and light creators laptop.

3. RAM and Storage

for the purpose of this post, Let’s keep things simple, as long as your budget is more than 25K, go with an 8GB RAM model, as 4GB is simply not enough to run a heavy windows OS, and 2 or three Apps simultaneously. but don’t just jump and buy a 16GB variant over an 8GB variant, as most of us won’t need more than 8GB for another 4 years. But if you want to play games, edit videos or work on large products, 16,16+ GB ram might be a requirement, and be sure to get a 16GB model if you are buying a thin and light laptop with soldered and non-upgradable RAM.

Consider 256 GB SSD if your budget is below 35K, and 512 GB or more if you are buying a laptop for more. NEVER buy an HDD model, unless you are going to upgrade it to an SSD variant immediately. Because if there is one thing that speeds up your laptop by 3X, it is the SSD. newer AMD 6th gen and intel 12th gen Laptops come with PCIe 4.0 SSDs on the very high end (1.2 lakh+) and are a nice addition if you are getting a laptop in that range.

4. Display

Laptops come with anything from a 720P TN panel to 4K Amoled panels and 240Hz gaming displays. we would suggest you avoid TN panels altogether, due to their bad viewing angles and quality. if you are on a budget, go with a 1080P IPS panel, and QHD on higher-end models. AMOLED displays are also very good.

Now, If you are using your laptop primarily for gaming, then go with a high refresh monitor, ideally at 120Hz. Else if you are going to create videos, edit photos etc, then colour calibrated displays ( that have DCI-P3 coverage, or at least sRGB 100% coverage) will be much more useful than a high refresh monitor. there are also laptops that come with both colour accuracy and fast refresh, go with them, if your budget allows so.

5. Build Quality and Ports

The last point you should keep in mind is the build and Ports of the laptop, which may be more important than the RAM, or even the processor if you are a light user. rather than having a racing car sitting idle on the porch, get a luxurious Benz, right? Brands like Infinix ( they are doing an excellent job in both laptop and phone market, and fills the void created by the downfall of realme, at least for us.) have created laptops with stunning displays, and al metal bodies for as low as 25k, so unless you have a very good reason, go for a metal laptop that is in your budget.

In terms of gaming laptops, All aluminium laptops are quite expensive, so go with a body with the least amount of deck flex, and premium finish. Trackpads are also getting a lot of love this year, with many OEMs finally bringing nice and large trackpads, thanks to Apple. Keyboards are subjective, Generally, Apple, High-end HP, and Dell laptops have the best keyboards, with Lenovo ruling the budget segment.

Ports are becoming less and less available in the case of laptops, with even gaming laptops having lower ports than what a budget laptop used to have in 2017. So make sure you have all the ports you need, ideally at least 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 type C/ Thunderbolt port, an audio port, HDMI port and an RJ-45 port.

Best Deals on Laptop

There are a number of Laptops that cater to different user bases, So check out our separate Post for a more detailed list of Laptops.

Best Laptop Deals In India August 2022

Best Earphone / Earpod Deals

Audio is Half the fun if you ask any audiophile. No matter how good of a music collection or display you have, it won’t feel complete without equally good audio. this is where earphones come in. they are the universal way of listening to music, watching videos or doing anything with audio. with a large variation in price, features ( ANC, ENC, Low Latency, IP rating etc) and forms ( wired, headphone, neckband, tws etc), it is getting hard as ever to select a pair of earphones that suits your use.

Things to keep in mind when buying an earphone

1. Sound Quality

Sound quality cannot be quantized, as it is a personal choice. most of the earphones from popular brands above 1000 Rs give good sound quality, with some giving more base, while others highlighting the treble, and which one to choose will depend on the kind of music you tune into. One thing that is not personal preference is ANC. Always get a pair with ANC if your budget allows it, as they make a large difference to the experience, maybe more than everything else combined.

2. Build Quality

One of the Sections where manufacturers choose to cheap out on products is the materials used. Good quality or premium earphones use metal parts for the casing and earpieces and high-quality tangle-free materials for the wire. the earphones might be of better quality even if it is not made of metal or have thin wire, But make sure to check out the reviews before purchasing the products.

3. Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important factors when considering a wireless earphone. Most TWS earphones Give around 4-6 Hr per charge, and up to 25 Hr with the case. Neckbands and headphones on the other hand Give anywhere from 8-60Hrs of battery backup, which means it can reach up to two weeks per charge.
In our personal opinion, don’t choose TWS with battery life below 4 Hrs or neckband below 12Hrs unless they provide substantially better features.

4. IP rating

The IP rating is a certification for the dust and water resistance of anything from mobile phones to smartwatches. The IP rating is important for earphones as there are high chances of coming in contact with water, whether it be sweat or rain. The IP rating is of the form IPXY, where x Gives the dust and y give the water resistance.
for example, IPX4 can resist sweat during workouts. IPX5 can withstand mild rain, and IPX7-rated gadgets can be immersed in water.

5. Features

Look out for features such as Fast charging, Low latency mode, and customizable touch controls, as even though they seem insignificant, they can make or break your experiences. think about what you would really use your earbuds for, will you only use them for hearing music, and will you game with them? should you need dual pairing? all these questions will make you want some features, then look for them.

Best deals on Earphones

  • pTron Tangent Evo

    Asas Tech
    • 14Hr playback
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • 10mm Driver
    • IPX4 certified
    • Plastic Body
  • boAt Airdopes 121v2

    Asas Tech
    • 14 HR Playback
    • 8mm Driver
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Multifunctional touch controls
    • IPx4 certified
    • Plastic Body
  • Boat rockers 255 pro+

    Asas Tech
    • 40Hr Battery Life
    • IPX7 certified
    • Asap Fast Charging
    • Dual Pairing
    • 12mm Driver
    • Plastic Body
  • Boult Audio Bass z20

    Asas Tech
    • 40Hr total Playback
    • ENC, Fast charging
    • IPX5 water resistance
    • multifunctional touch controls
  • Boat rockers 330 ANC

    Asas Tech
    • 25 dB ANC
    • IPX5 certified
    • 24Hr battery life
    • metal Body
    • Fast charging
    • 13mm Drivers
  • Realme Buds Air 2

    Asas Tech
    • 35db ANC
    • 25Hr Battery Backup
    • Smart wear detection
    • App control
    • IPX5 Certified

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