How to Take a Screenshot on Windows(4 best methods)

If you are a windows Laptop/Pc user, one of the most frustrating issues is the seemingly lacking way to take a screenshot on windows. there was a print screen feature working in windows 7, but it no longer seems to work fine on every device, especially with newer windows devices. Besides, what if you want to take a partial screenshot/ only need to send it, and not save the image? read more to find out the 4 ways you can easily take a screenshot on your windows device.

how to take a screenshot on windows 11

How to take a screenshot on windows

We provide 4 easy and simple ways to take screenshots, both partial and full, with and without shortcuts, using both first-party and third-party apps, so as to benefit the maximum number of users. If you have any more suggestions, please comment down below. If you want to read more such tutorials on windows, check the following,

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1. Screenshot on windows Using windows + shift + s

the easiest and most feature-rich way to take a screenshot on a newer windows 10/11 Laptop is to use the shortcut for the snipping tool, to use this to take a screenshot, just press the key combination windows + shift + s, and a popup with 4 controls will open up, you can select which mode you want, and can mark the area you want to save. Once you select the area, you can either directly copy, markup, or save the image to your device. it is handy when you need a quick screenshot of a part of your display, and especially if you just want to send it to someone, as you can directly copy the image

2. Screenshot on PC Using Print Screen Button

Although not working on some modern apps, if you want to take a full snip of your display quickly, there is no better way than using the print screen button. in the older supported device, pressing the print screen button will automatically take a picture of your entire display and save it in a folder named screenshots on the pictures folder in your library. if the PrintScreen button alone is not working, try a combination of buttons from PrintScreen fn and Windows Key. for example, in modern laptops, to take a screenshot on windows 11 using PrintScreen, we should use fn + windows + PrintScreen.

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3. Screenshot on windows 11 using Xbox Gambar

If you want to take screenshots in games, then the best way to do that is to Use the built-in windows game bar feature. Along with screenshots, it also enables you to record video, stream and control your accessories. to open the windows game bar, press win + G, and the game bar will open. from there, there are icons for game capture/screenshots or other extra functionalities. If you want to take a screenshot using the shortcut, you can do that too using fn + win + alt + PrintScreen, or you can customize it in the settings.

4. Screenshot using third-party Software

If none of these work for you for some reason, or you want a different experience, there are always a plethora of applications that you can use. we have added a link to one of the best free Screenshot tools we could find. It provides near the same functionalities as the windows screen snip, but with additional customizability, such as changing the shortcut key. There are other software to do the same, but this one is free and offers most of the functionalities too.

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There are some of the best methods to take a screenshot on a windows device. If you happen to know a better method to do the same with any other advantages, kindly add them in the comment, and we will update the post with the same. If you want similar tutorials and guides, check out other posts in this series, connect with us on WhatsApp, Facebook etc, or contact us regarding suggestions.

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