How to customize your Browser Homepage? The best and ultimate method 2023

Are you a productivity freak or a minimalist? then chances are that you are not super excited about the Current browser homepage you are using whether it is from Google Chrome, Microsoft h or Mozilla Firefox. Have you ever wondered How to customize your Browser Homepage? have you ever wished you had that whole page that is highly productive or extremely minimalist? Just like how you wish? We have the right tool for you to achieve what you want.

How to customize your Browser Homepage?
How to customize your Browser Homepage? The best and ultimate method 2023 5


The home is a website that is designed to replace your homepage and a new type of page. That is the tab which opens when you first initially open your browser and the tab that comes when you take a new tab. as of now, you can only use the website as the default homepage in browsers that allow you to change the tab to a new website, or you can always use an extension, new tab changer/ new tab redirector to do the same automatically every time automatically.

It is an Open source project, hosted on GitHub, which you can check here, so you can easily fork, add, or create a modified version quite easily. S0 there are also significantly low worries about any malware or other unwanted software hiding in the code.

How to customize your Browser Homepage

As stated earlier, the main attraction of the homepage is the wide availability of options to choose from. this includes cosmetic options like changing the overall colour scheme and shape of icons to functional changes like which search engine you want to use.

Choose parts to show

the whole page is divided into 3 parts, head, search and favourite sites. you can enable or disable each option individually, ie, you can choose whether or not to use any of the available features on the website. But in order to widen the horizons a little more, you can even show or hide individual components, like date, greetings message etc.

Choose your favourite search provider

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How to customize your Browser Homepage? The best and ultimate method 2023 6

Most of us have a preferred search provider. While some may like the all-knowing google, some like Duck duck go for privacy reasons. some may even use bing, god knows why. But Home provides 4 different search providers so that you can choose the ones you like. The search bar is simple, does not clutter you with ads or suggestions and is always open to customization, like every other inch of the page.

Add or remove the favourite websites

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How to customize your Browser Homepage? The best and ultimate method 2023 7

Productivity-focused users like me will love the favourites bar, which can home your favourite and frequently visited websites so that you don’t have to manually search for the site every time. But you are not limited to 4 or 10 of the most frequent ones, like most browsers. you can choose as many as you wish, and you can change the shape and size of the icons so that you may organize the website as you please.

Change the Look, feel and colour of pretty much every element

The biggest feature of the homepage will likely be its customisation. Most software sticks to a standard design pallet. but that may not be how you necessarily want it to look. don’t worry, with the homepage, you can change almost every element of the page, right down from removing it altogether to filling it with sites. You can enable or disable each and every part, to the point where it is either a minimalist page with just a search bar or a full-on list with 100 favourite sites.

The same is the Stroy with colours and wallpaper, you have your preferences, and you can use them. just keep in mind to make it contrasty with the site icons you have added.

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How to customize your Browser Homepage? The best and ultimate method 2023 8

How to use

there are two ways of using the page as your default page. Method 1 is to use a new tab changer/ new tab redirector to redirect every new tab to the homepage. else you can go to settings, and enter the URL to set it as the default tab. a standalone extension is in the works and will be completed soon.

Home (

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