How Does Aeroplane Mode Work [2 reasons]

Aeroplane mode
How Does Aeroplane Mode Work [2 reasons] 3

What is aeroplane mode

aeroplane mode is a feature in all mobile phones and other cellular-enabled devices. Cellular communications including 2g 3g etc work with the help of electromagnetic waves. they exchange data and information as packets of waves, which are demodulated through the modems of our cellphones and other equipment to display information and vice versa. But It is forbidden to use such cellular networks while travelling via aeroplane, and hence from earlier days when phones were used just for calling, manufacturers provided an ‘Aeroplane mode’, which when turned on would disable all such connections.

As time moved on and mobiles are mostly used to access the internet and social media, we use it mostly To get a good connection when our data speeds are low, or there is no Signal.

We all use it, also known as flight mode to speed up the internet or to get reception in areas with weak coverage. But What really happens when we turn on and off aeroplane mode? how does internet speed boost up for some moments?

What happens when we turn on aeroplane mode?

As we know while we turn on aeroplane mode it blocks your device from connecting to networks whether it be wifi or mobile data. We will be unable to make or receive phone calls with aeroplane mode turned on.

As all of us have experienced that by turning on and off aeroplane mode, internet speed gets boosted, this is because while turning it on, all the background functions draining the internet do stop and at the moment you turn it off and do your task, the whole internet get used to that specific task until the background functions resume. Hence results in a momentary boost on the internet.

Also in areas with poor network reception, mobile phones usually won’t search aggressively for mobile signals. this is because doing so will significantly affect the battery backup as it will drain the battery fast. But when we turn aeroplane mode on and off, our phone knows that we need a connection and tries to connect to the network aggressively. this is the reason why mobile becomes hot when used in areas of poor reception.

Another use of flight mode is to save battery. as stated above, our mobile phone uses a lot of battery to get cell reception, even if it is idle, So when we need every bit of battery, we can do that by turning on aeroplane mode. Make sure You don’t have any important calls or messages waiting.

How to turn it on?

Turning on and off is quite simple on ios, android windows etc. in most Os, it is provided in the quick settings tile or control centre. In order to locate aeroplane mode. Turn it on for a few seconds and then change it back, to get a better network speed for a few more seconds. Alternatively, if your internet kps getting Juggling between 4g and 3d, THere is another method to lock the phone in 4g only mode. Go to the phone dialer, press *#*#4636#*#*, which will Bring up a hidden menu, go to Phon information and lock the phone to 4G/LTE only.

In Android

In android take your notification drawer and there you will find an icon with an aeroplane symbol, If not found take your phone settings and search for aeroplane mode.

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How Does Aeroplane Mode Work [2 reasons] 4


In IOS take your control panel to find aeroplane mode if not found search in your phone settings.

however if your locality doesn’t provide good reception in your area , or if there are a lot of users in the same network power as you using

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