Do Specs Really Matter? -Tech Myth VS Fact


“Specifications don’t Matter- They are Just Marketing Gimmicks That Big Companies Use to Lure us into Buying their Product”

-Probably everyone

Do specs matter?

Most of Us Have this common notion, That the specs of a phone, laptop or any device in general, does not really matter, only software does. Is it the truth? or rather-to what extent is it true? Without wasting Any more time, let’s Start.

First off, I’m gonna tell the answer-YES, specs do matter. The reason why it feels the opposite is because we look at the wrong specs. let me explain.

To make it easy to understand, let us draw an analogue to vehicles. Just like a phone has different specs, A car has a lot of specifications that we check before buying one. for example, the capacity, power output, torque, etc of its engine, size and width of its tyres, boot space, crash-rating, leg space etc of its body and other such things.

But saying that an octa-core CPU is faster than a quadcore CPU, just by considering the number of cores is like saying a 4000cc Vehicle is faster than a 2000cc one, by looking at the size of the engine. Most 4000cc vehicles are faster than indeed faster, But a number of reasons contribute to the same. the same is true not just about processors, but also about cameras, display, GPU, RAM, and every other thing.

The biggest mistake we do when selecting a device is to check its specs but not fully, much like looking at just CC without considering its BHP or Torque. The Biggest example would be a mobile camera system. How often do we hear “these android manufacturers are lying, look at my 48MP camera and an iPhone’s 12MP cameras, the iPhone produces much better images, Resolution is just a gimmick.”? They compare their 10,000 INR Redmi note 9 prime with a 70K iPhone, ignoring the fact that the resolution of a camera is just a part of the story. there are several other factors that determine the quality.

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