The Best earphones from all Budgets in India [ Feb-2022]

Most Flagship phones and even budget phones come without audio jacks, and Wireless audio devices Getting Better and Better The relevance of these earphones are increasing. if you are planning to buy a new earphone, Here is a complete guide as well as a collection of the best offers From amazon which are exceptionally good at their price points.

Types of earphones

There are 4 types of earphones to choose from, namely wired, TWS, neckband and headphones. Each has its own pros and cons, so to get the best possible comfort and use, choose the type that suits you the most.

WiredChoose a wired earphone if and only if your budget is less than INR 500.
even though wired earphones provide better sound quality than wireless, considering the comfort of using wireless, go with wireless if you are not very specific in your needs.
NeckBandsNeckbands and flex bands with an appreciable quality start from as low as INR 500 during the sale. They provide good sound quality than TWS in the same price bracket as well as battery life But is not as convenient as a pair of TWS. if you work out a lot or go on long trips, Neckbands or flex bands might be a better option for you overall.
HeadphonesThe most important use case of headphones is Gaming. most headphones now come with the added advantage of the ability to be used as both wired and wireless, with separate AUX cable. also as the mic is very much near the mouth, it provides much better sound quality During online interaction.
TWSThese are the most compact and premium earphones. They are comfortable, small and stylish. Most pairs Give battery backup from 4 to 6 hours, and below 4 Hrs might not be a good option as it should last for at least a full session of Binging.

Features to look for in an earphone


We cannot quantitatively assess an earphone sound quality or comfort, Just by considering its specs. Still, it will help us to get an idea of its various features. moreover features such as dual pairing might be a determining factor when considering an earphone.

Driver sizeit is the diameter of individual speakers inside the earphone, as a general rule of thumb, the larger the driver size, the higher its Dynamic range and better the bass. however, there are earphones with an 8mm driver that has better bass than a 14mm driver, so take this only to give an idea.
Generally, for in-ear earphones, driver size range from 8 to 13mm
and over the ear has driver size ranging from 30-50mm.
IP ratingThe IP rating is a certification for the dust and water resistance for anything from mobile phones to smartwatches. The IP rating is important for earphones as there are high chances of coming in contact with water, whether it be sweat or rain. IP rating is of the form IPXY, where x Gives the dust and y give the water resistance.
for example, IPX4 can resist sweat during workouts. IPX5 can withstand mild rain, and IPX7 rated gadgets can be immersed in water.
Battery lifeBattery life is one of the most important factors while considering a wireless earphone. Most TWS earphones Give around 4-6 Hr per charge, and up to 25 Hr with the case. Neckbands and headphones on the other hand Give anywhere from 8-60Hrs of battery backup, which means it can reach up to two weeks per charge.
In our personal opinion, don’t choose TWS with battery life below 4 Hrs or neckband below 12Hrs unless they provide substantially better features.
charging port
charging speed.
Just like in the case of Mobile phones, Wireless earphones also runs on battery. most good earphones on the market today provide some sort of fast charging such as ASAP charging, and it is a good idea to choose this feature.
Although most earphones now come with a type c port, a couple of them still come with a micro USB. if you have a newer phone with c port or at least plan to upgrade in the near future, Buy the ones with Type c.
Build materialOne of the Sections where manufacturers choose to cheap out on products is the materials used. Good quality or premium earphones use metal parts for the casing and earpieces and high-quality tangle-free materials for the wire. the earphones might be of better quality even if it is not made of metal or has thin wire, But make sure to check out the reviews before purchasing the products.

Our top picks for earphones.

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