Android VS iPhone – 5 reasons Android is better

Now, Before we begin, This is not the usual kind of Android vs iPhone comparison, which concludes on the lines that this comparison is like the comparison between ” apples and oranges “, or like iPhone for ease of use and Android for customization. In fact, we do not even add customisation to the list, as it is a full-on complete comparison of things that is “Apple’s piece of cake, like software updates. Android VS iPhone-10 reasons Android is better ( including updates).

Android VS iphone
Android VS iPhone - 5 reasons Android is better 7

Before we Start

Don’t expect this to be a completely unbiased post, I have tried to exclude my biases, but don’t forget this comes from a proud android Fan. But the tech reviews you read were always biased, towards apple anyway. Still, I will try to keep my biases out.


Android and IOS are the two Operating systems that dominate the mobile Industry. Combined, they power virtually all smartphones. It is a decade-old debate whether IOS is better than Android or Vice versa. The answer mostly was ” the two OS are focused on different segments of people and “, and ” iPhones provide better software support and ease of use, while android is better in value for money, customizations Etc. I too believed in the same for a long time, until I finally used iPhones in person, and found out how limiting it was, and how many restrictions they put on you. Still, I believed, it was probably me, others gave priority to other factors more than I did.

That too fell off when I started Reading Books on Psychological Marketing, And found out how companies apparently hack into your thoughts and behaviours using various direct and indirect cues and make an impression about themself without even needing you to pay attention. Apparently, Apple is the one company that uses this the best. They have placed themself as a brand that propels innovation, a brand that is creative as you. Studies even found that Apple has placed itself as the underdog who fights against the evil lords ( Like Microsoft, IBM and Google) and cares for you, while still being one of the most anti-consumer companies, and literally the largest Corporation in the world.

But this is not the content for this post, comment down and subscribe to notifications if you want to know how Apple ( And Every other company from parachute to coca-cola ) hack your brain. Or check out this video by brain think. Here, we try to evaluate the software, standing outside these prejudices, and thinking like a rational man.

Before starting, this is not a general android vs iPhone comparison, but rather an s22 ultra vs iPhone 13 pro max, the best of both worlds.

Android VS iPhone-5 reasons Android is better

1. Software Updates

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The software updates category is undoubtedly one of the most important selling points of the iPhones. even when it comes to android or iPhone, people tend to take iPhones due to the reason that they get more updates. And why would I say Android ( Not every android, but Android that costs as much as iPhones, like the Pixels or Galaxy devices)? How could android phones which get 4 years of updates be better than iPhones which get as many as 6 or 7 updates?

For that, we should first see how Xiaomi updates work. When you buy a new Xiaomi phone, you will typically get 2-4 years of updates. But not all the updates are the same. For the first year or two, you will get an Android update, it will change the underlying architecture, change how the system works etc. but then, after the initial one or two android updates, you will get MIUI updates, it does not change any underlying structures, but rather make a new UI on top of the existing Android version, that looks like the new MIUI on their latest phones.

Apple is kind of Doing the same to its iPhones, Sure, they don’t just make the IOS look like the new IOS. But still the main selling points of the newer phones always never reach the phones from just a year ago, and suddenly, your iPhone lacks a feature, that is software locked. so when the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra gets the same features as an s22 ultra and becomes miles better than what it was when it was released, iPhones never have that luck.

  • iPhone 11 did not get night portrait which was released in iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 12 did not get pro-res videography which was released on iPhone 13 series
  • iPad pro with a12z will not get a stage manager like the iPad m1

This is just to show some samples. and sometimes, they can make significant differences. For example, when the first pixel launched with night photography, there was no other phone with that good of a night photo. but Samsung, Mi etc updated their previous generation phones with night photography, iPhone users from iPhone xs max and above were devoid of the feature.

2. Security and Privacy

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Android VS iPhone - 5 reasons Android is better 9

Another key area where iPhones generally shine in, with EVERY youtube reviewer saying the exact ‘ when it comes to security, We know that iPhones are more secure than android ‘, and then zoom out to the next topic, FOR YEARS now. but the fact is, android is more secure than phones for years now, and zero-click, zero-day hacking of an android costs around twice as much as of an iPhone, from 2019 onwards. to prove, the post-Android Zero-Days Now Worth More Than iPhone Exploits | Threatpost .from 2019, or simply type android vs iPhone zero-day vulnerabilities, malware in your favourite search engine.

It is also proven by various security firms that the iPhone is more actively exploited than Android phones, accounting for 69 % of all vulnerabilities found, even though they make up only 19% of the market. here is one proof of that. 2021 mobile security: Android has more vulnerabilities, iOS more zero-days (, or as always, search on the internet. Now to cut iPhone some of the weight, it is easier to get access to android mobiles than iPhones ( in the sense that it takes fewer skills), provided you have the password and the phone at least for 30 minutes.

Now moving on to privacy, We have already made a broad post explaining the privacy aspect of the iPhone when compared to Android phones, But as stated, As a person who uses the internet for free ( apart from the internet charges ), I don’t see Ads as a bad thing, as long as it does not hurt the usability too much. ( Let me take this opportunity to shout out to google which puts strict policies on how and where we could place ads, and then proceeds to give 2 15-second unskippable ads on youtube).

But the fact that most iPhone users think that iPhones are synonymous with privacy, and many of them go the extra mile to choose iPhones that cost more, for the privacy gets about the same privacy as any other use is a bad thing. Xiaomi showing ads or google collecting data is understandable, as they get the profit from the ads displayed. But Apple already charged a premium and it’s not a good manner to still collect data and show ads. For a more detailed explanation, check out Is Apple Really Good With Privacy? (Tech Myth Vs Fact -03) .

3. Optimisation

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Android VS iPhone - 5 reasons Android is better 10

You are possibly thinking about how on earth android Phones are better optimized than iPhones. Right? We were startled too when we found out the fact that the IOS is not as fast as we expected it to be. For starters, the Apple bionic chips have always been the fastest in any phone, every year for eternity. In fact, they are so ahead in the game that snapdragon plus 8 gen 1 ( G=Fastest android processor), scores below the A14 in geekbench, they have NVMe Storage etc.

Apart from the processor, Apps only need to be developed for a fixed number of mobile phones, they have much fewer pixels to calculate ( the s22 ultra has 25% more pixels than iPhone 13 pro max and 50% more pixels than a 13), and over everything, they have much fewer options like multitasking, casting on to other devices etc. Still, it is almost always on par with the android phones on performance ( I’m talking about flagships like s22 ultra that is), when it should be at least 1.5x faster. Do a quick search on youtube, or check out Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max Speed Test.

Keep in mind, that these results are not between two similar OS, the IOS and Android are vastly different in how it actually works. For example, while multitasking ( Minimising) works similar to Windows or macOS in android, it is quite different in IOS. There is no real ‘ Multitasking’ in IOS. When the user switches apps, the app that is going to the background is paused ( to put it simply ), and all the processes that the app does are also paused.

ie, If you were downloading something in telegram/ exporting some video in kine master and decide to switch apps, then the app in the process is stopped. there are only a few exceptions to this like Spotify and youtube. This is the reason why phones can get away with half the RAM of android. the app running in the foreground uses the same amount of ram as android, but the second it is in the background, it is compressed so that it takes much less RAM.

This is a wastage of the very powerful processor, in our opinion, as the phones could have been much better at multitasking, and performance as a whole. So we have a powerful processor, OS with less features, yet it is only as fast, or sometimes slower than android counterparts, which Makes it less optimized in a sense. When we get two phones for the same money, and one less features, lower camera performance etc, it is not unreasonable to expect a faster overall experience.

4. Ecosystem

Well, Apple has the best ecosystem, and that is the truth. there is no other set of devices that will work as flawless together as the Apple devices do. then why did we add Ecosystem to this list? well, it is the value proposition of the ecosystem. sure, apple has the best ecosystem. How much better is it compared to its competitors, say Samsung? well, let’s take a look at a full ecosystem consisting of smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and earphones.

PhoneS22 ultra (512 GB) -107KiPhone 13 pro max (512) -159K
TabletTab s8 Ultra( 128GB)-121KiPad pro (128 GB) -120K
LaptopBook 2 pro 360 (512)-114KMacBook air m2 (512 ) -124K
Watchwatch s4 (44mm) -14Kseries 7 (41mm) – 39K
Earphonebuds 2 pro -8KAirPods pro-19k
Total364KINR 461,000

As you can see, the Apple ecosystem is 28% more costly, ( The series 7 watch is much better, so you might want to reduce the extra 25K you pay for that, as there is no other good alternative.). moreover, the Samsung ecosystem is more versatile, and you need not buy the whole range of products. For example, you can use the s8 ultra like a computer, or a book 2 pro 360 like a tablet with a non-removable keyboard ( It weighs just 1 kg), so most users won’t need one of them depending on the usage.

5. Camera

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Android VS iPhone - 5 reasons Android is better 11

It is an area where people who follow camera comparisons know which one is better. For the past three years, Samsung has been consistently winning Camera comparisons. And that is not just in the number of features/options, but even in consistency and quality. What is sad is that still reviewers always say, iPhone has natural photos in ending notes, after themself saying that Samsung produces real-life colours just 2 minutes before (Looking at you, mrWhosetheboss).

But an area where the best one depends on the use case is the videography. s22 ultra provides unbeatable stabilisation, which can be more useful in the case of normal videos without gimbals, while the phone 13 pro max is capable of putting out pro-res videos, which can enable creators to make high-quality videos on mobile.

6. Price

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Android VS iPhone - 5 reasons Android is better 12

One of the biggest reasons the iPhone is not recommended in the Indian market is its cost. in the European countries or the united states of America, the cost of iPhones is less than that of Samsung counterparts, with the iPhone 13 pro max costing 8,000 less than the S22 ultra, which retails at about $1200 or INR 96k, while in India, the s22 Ultra (512GB) retails at 1.15 lakh and iPhone with the same specs is retailed at 1.59 Lakh, and it is almost 40% more.

So every time you see a comparison between iPhone 13pro max and s22 Ultra, Just remember that they are comparing very similar priced phones, while in reality, iPhone 13 ( 512GB) is much closer in terms of cost. So the battery tests, benchmarks, camera tests and every other thing does not actually matter to our customers, and in reality, most of the arguments in favour of iPhones and apple products, in general, are not even valid in India.

Things iPhones are actually better in

This is not to say that everything about Apple or iPhone is bad. There are still many things better on iPhones, and There are many trends that other phone manufacturers can learn from apple too. For example, even though apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are optimised for Samsung galaxy phones and a few other select phones, this is not widely available on android as a whole, which certainly gives points to iPhones.

But what Vendors copy from iPhones are the removal of chargers, Making it difficult to repair the phone, and steadily increasing the Price of the devices. But one of the major issues recently with android phones are the bricking of the hardware of the mobile phones, due to android updates, which are totally wrong. even though the issue is only complained about by MI and realme users, if it becomes widespread, Every reason on this list can be overlooked in favour of the iPhones.

Another area is how apple gives updates to all the phones at the same time. even if they are technically not the best updates we would like, this trend should’ve been adopted, where at least the last 3 generations of high-end android phones get updates to the latest software all at the same time. The bloatware situation is not better too in the case of Android phones. you can however remove all of the bloatware, to do that, follow this guide on how to debloat android easily

End Note

So that is the end of this rather long post. Comment down if you have other pros/cons of android and IOS, or if you have objections regarding anything I have said, comment down below. If you liked the post, then please consider subscribing to our website to receive new notifications, contact us through WhatsApp/telegram/Facebook etc to get personalised suggestions while buying laptops, mobile phones, or any other electronic items.

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